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fish spa



 fishspaWe refer to the fish garra rufa, Turkish or Syrian origin, a variety whose the way of life in feeding themselves , benefits us immediately! How?The garra rufa feeding on dead cells of the body ridding us of them while leaving on the skin through their saliva, the enzyme dithranol, which has the power to heal the scars and regenerate tissue and skin. A very basic asset is their ability to treat the customer from various embarrassing skin-health conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, and rheumatoid arthritis.Not having teeth, these small fishes make you feel like being gentle massaged and in the end of course leaving your feet refreshed, well groomed and healthier. The living environment is essential to be warm (above 28 degrees in Celsius scale), clean, due to their sensitivity, and above all fully equipped, since they live in an aquarium rather than in their natural environment. So ichthyotherapy combining the beneficial properties of a therapeutic method with  the sense of total relaxation of a luxury spa!





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